Sexual Offender Registration Review Board

SORRB Guidelines & Procedure

1. Purpose: Protecting Georgia’s children and communities at large by identifying convicted sexual offenders that present the greatest risk of sexually reoffending.

2. The Sex Offender Registration Review Board is made up of 15 members from across the state with 5 members having clinical expertise with sex offenders, 5 members who are victim advocates and 5 members representing law enforcement. The board members are appointed by the Governor. Board Members may attend monthly, quarterly meetings in person, or via telephone conference call. If any member fails to attend two (2) meetings of the Board in a twelve-month period, without good and valid cause, or excuse, or without leave of absence from the Chair, or Vice Chair, the Governor’s Office as the appointing authority, shall be notified by the Board of such unexcused absences. Additionally, a yearly attendance report will be submitted to the Governor’s Office.

3. Actuarial risk assessment instruments including, but not limited to, the MnSost-R, STATIC 2002, and possibly the STATIC 99 will be used in conjunction with all available information to assess the risk of all convicted sexual offenders who must be classified per GA Code 42-1-14. No single factor or actuarial instrument will determine the offender’s risk; rather a totality of the available information will be used to level each offender.

4. Risk assessment factors to be considered by the Board shall include but not be limited to the following:

A. Seriousness of the offense;
B. Offense History; C. Characteristics of the offender; D. Characteristics of the victim;
E. The relationship of the offender to the victim;
F. The number of victims;
G. The number of violations of each victim;
H. The degree of violence used during the offense; and I. Other considerations.

5. Once the Board has received the risk assessment, Board members will review the report, and the Board will assign a risk level for offenders at the next Board meeting. Board members will designate each offender as one of the following risk categories: Level 1, Level II, or Sexually Dangerous Predator. A simple majority of the board is all that is necessary in order for the Board to assign a level to the offender. In cases where the Board cannot reach a simple majority during a Board meeting the Board members will table the case for further review until the next board meeting.

6. The Board considers all cases on their individual merits, and reserves the right to deviate from established rules whenever special circumstances warrant, and to act at its discretion in circumstances not specifically outlined but within confines established by the statutes. Any such deviations will be documented in the final report.

7. If credible evidence supports a finding that a sexual offender, who by statute is to be classified by the Board, has indicated an intention to reoffend, the sexual offender shall be designated as a Sexually Dangerous Predator.

8. On any Level II cases that the Board recommends moving to a Predator level, justification will be given and the case will be referred back to the Evaluator. The Evaluator will attempt to address the Board's concerns, and the case will be re-presented to the Board the following month

9. Official Board rules can be found at